Laser Scanning and BIM Modelling

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is used to allow a fast, reliable and inexpensive 3D survey of landscapes, buildings and their installations.

Terravision have a number of laser scanners that are used to gather detailed information to produce 3D models. We also have the ability to scan from the surface to a depth of 5m, which enables us to include detailed scans of underground routes that complement the utility scan whilst also allowing us to open up underground routes that would otherwise require confined space entry.

Terravision also use laser scans to produce 3D models of large components and complex structures, see BIM Modelling below.

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BIM Modelling

Building Information Modelling (otherwise known as BIM) brings together information about every component of a building so that it can all be found in one place. BIM revolves around the use of intelligent 3D CAD models to provide data and a shared knowledge resource that is available throughout the life cycle of a building.

BIM services are quickly becoming the preferred drawing technique as they allow a collaborative way of working that provides the user with complete transparency in the process, along with the use of digital technology to design, construct and maintain the life cycle of their asset. It is possible to access this information for any purpose, so that the risk of any mistakes or discrepancies are reduced. As such, BIM is incredibly efficient as it saves time, cost and waste associated with other drawing methods as well as increasing the level of design, productivity and client satisfaction with their asset.

Terravision use scan data to accurately recreate your as-built site using BIM software, allowing you to quickly manipulate, change, analyse and adapt all aspects of the existing as-built model.

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